Bible College Study Programs

Bible Foundations
This is our oldest program that we have been offering for nearly 15 years.  It is intended to give the student a fundamental understanding of the Bible.  This is a ten course study program that includes: The Pentateuch and Old Testament History, Old Testament Writings, The Gospels and New Testament History, The Epistles, The Apocrypha, Important Places in the Bible, Important Dates in the Bible, General Knowledge of the Bible, People of the Old Testament and People of the New Testament.  This is a year's worth of material that you able to study at your own pace.

Tuition: Only $49.95 collected in ten equal monthly installments:Click Here to Enroll

Church History: The First Millennium
This is our newest program that provides the student with an indepth understanding of the birth and growth of the church during its first 1000 years.  This is a ten course study program that includes: The Birth of the Church, The Growth of the Pauline Church, Conquest of the Empire, Gnosticism and the Beginning of the Bible, The Monastic Movement, The Fall of the Roman Empire, The Celtic Movement, The Rise of Islam, Charlemagne and The End of the Millennium.

Tuition: Only 49.95 collected in ten equal monthly installments: Click Here to Enroll

The African American Pulpit
This is an exciting ten course program that introduces the student to the history and operation of those who have filled the African American pulpit.  The course is designed for ministers, elders, pastors, bishops and anyone else who is involved in ministry or those who have an interest in such.  Courses include: Beginning Homiletics, Intermediate Homiletics, Women in Ministry, Canonization of the Bible, Bible Translations, African Origins of Christianity, African Influences on Western Theology, Your Call to Ministry, The Ministry of Servitude and an Introduction to New Testament Greek.

Tuition: Only $49.50 collected in ten equal monthly installments: Click Here to Enroll

Biblical Theology
Taught by Harvard educated Dr. C. Dexter Wise, this is a collection of ten courses that helps the student understand some of the fundamental concepts of theology that are found in the Bible and has been embraced by the church.  This course is aimed at clergy and the laity alike.  These courses are taught in a way that makes the material easy to understand and appreciate by the student.  The courses include studies in: The Old Testament, The New Testament, New Testament Theology, Ancient Customs of Hospitality and Marriage in the Bible.

Tuition: Only $49.50 collected in ten equal monthly installments: Click Here to Enroll

Black BishopEpiscopal Studies
Currently there are an unprecedented number of persons who are being blessed to be elevated to the rank and office of the bishopric.  We are proud to have the only online curriculum specifically designed and intended for those persons who are members of the episcopacy.  This is a ten course curriculum that provides the student with an in-depth understanding of the operation and history of the episcopacy.  Courses include: Heraldry, Vocabulary, Doctors of the Church, Episcopoi Vagantes, Apostles Creed and Apostolic Sucession.  This is an enormous resource for persons who are serious about being a bishop.

CopernicusChurch History: The Second Millennium
This study program is the sequel and second half to "The First Millennium" study program.  This study program provides a detailed description of the church's activities from the year 1000 AD right up to the present time.  Included in the program are 10 courses on The Renaissance, The Protestant Reformation, Faith Vs Science, The Church in the Modern World, Coming to America, The Rise of Denominations, The Black Church, Pentecostalism and much more.  Each course includes a video lecture that features comments and perspectives from several of the leading scholars of today.  Any student who is anxious to know where the church has come from as an historical institution will want to take advantage of the opportunity that this study program offers.
Tuition: Only $49.50 collected in ten equal monthly installments: Click Here to Enroll


Upon completion of each of the study programs, the student will receive a Graduate Certificate in that Study Program.  In addition, each study program can be counted toward one of the Ministry Degrees that we offer. 

One Study Program- Certificate
Two Study Programs- Associates Degree in Biblical Studies
Four Study Programs- Bachelor of Theology Degree

We are happy to announce that we recently have updated the offerings of our online school to now include a fifth and sixth study program.  This means that students can now study for and earn Masters Degree in Biblical Studies along with a Doctor of Sacred Theology Degree.  Please be advised that the ministry doctoral degree requires the student to write and defend a doctoral dissertation.

Courses in these study programs include outstanding theologians such as Dr. Robert Franklin of Morehouse College, Dr. Harvey Cox of Harvard Divinity School, Dr. Vinson Synan of Regents University, Dr. David Daniels of McCormick School of Theology, Dr. Marla Fredericks of Harvard University and so many others who have lectured at our theological intensives on the campuses of Harvard, Princeton, Yale other prestigious universities.

With these programs you can study at your own pace and pursue a quality theological education in the comfort of your own home or office.
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