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Online School PictureThe New Life School of Theology is in its 20th year of operation as a resource and tool for ministry.  We are a completely online enterprise with a rapidly growing library of information and material for prospective students.  As a completely online operation we are able to save on the typical overhead that is incurred by brick and mortar institutions which results in a greater savings to you the student.

Currently we have a number of graduate studies program that consists of 10 courses each and covers a variety of topics in the specific areas of the study programs.  Each course in the curriculum includes Study Notes, a Video Lecture and a Final Exam.  The Final Exam is taken online, graded and returned to you immediately.
Ministry Degrees
it should be noted that what is offered by our school are "Ministry Degrees".  These are non-portable degrees that are ministry based and have a specific aim at the church and ministry.  They should not be confused with "secular" or "liberal arts" degrees that can be used in an inter-disciplinary fashion.  Persons wanting degrees that can be used to teach in secular settings or used to pursue terminal degrees should consider schools with a different accreditation as an option.  Our school is incorporated in the state of Florida and is accredited by the National Association of Theological Schools which is a non governmental agency.

As such, our study programs are not eligible for governmental grants or loans which is why we make the tuition cost so very affordable.

The Graduate Studies Program has a tuition cost of only $49.50 a month for a period of ten months.  Upon acceptance, you will be given access to all ten courses for you to take at your own comfortable pace.  Each course requires that you pass an exam with at least a grade of 80%.  You are permitted to take final exams as many times as you like.  Your highest grade will be recorded on your official transcript.

Degree Programs
We are in the process of adding several additional Study Modules in the first quarter of 2010.  Students who complete a single module is awarded a Graduate Certificate of Theological Studies.  Students who complete two modules are awarded an Associates Degree in Biblical Studies.  Students who complete four modules are awarded a Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies.  Students who already hold college or advanced degrees can earn Masters or Doctoral degrees with the completion of a set number of modules as well.

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